Roof Maintenance Plan or not? You maintain your car with regular oil changes and inspections. Why? To extend its life and make sure it’s in good operating condition to help avoid costly repairs. The same thing holds true for your roof. Regular inspections can avoid major issues down the road.

And here’s something additional to think about… what if you can uncover issues that are covered by a roof warranty? Would you want your roof inspected and be able to make a claim and save money?

A Roof Maintenance Plan will Increase of Your Roof

By conducting periodic inspections, you can certainly prevent damage that could lead to having to deal with a roof replacement. Did you know that inspecting a roof to ensure proper drainage can avoid standing water? Poor drainage is one of the things that accelerates the deterioration of roofing material. This can shorten the life of your home’s roof, but this applies to commercial buildings too. Standing water can also create leaks that can saturate your insulation leading to a full roof replacement. So, getting a roof inspection annually is a really good idea.

Now leaks are a problem waiting to happen. A small roof leak can lead to unseen issues like rotting wood, mold, wet insulation, and corrosion. I living in a house full of mold is very dangerous for everyone in your family plus any guests as well. We know that small leaks can be hard to detect, but by having a roof inspection done annually it can decrease the likelihood of missing it. So, have our roof inspection project manager visit your home or officer to pinpoint any trouble area. Our trained roofing contractor can also repair the leak and extend the life of your roof if you request for him or her to do so.

A Roof Maintenance Plan will Prevent Costly Major Repairs | Total Home Solutions of Florida

Unfortunately, little things (or little issues) add up. What starts as a minor leak can turn into a major repair if left unattended. We don’t recommend you ignore any roof issue no matter how minor it seems.

So, ask us about how routine roof inspections can help you. Roof inspections can uncover weak seams around pipes, skylights, exhaust fans, and HVAC units that can lead to water penetration. Resealing those seams can prevent that penetration. If you set aside a few dollars for sealant and inspection, you can avoid a major repair or, worse still, a full roof replacement.

Roof Maintenance Planning will Keep Your Roof More Energy Efficient

Did you know that some roof projects may include coatings? It’s true, this is to help protect the roof from ultra-violet light coming from the sun and not to mention heat gains. Those coatings can deteriorate over time reducing their reflective and cooling effects originally provided to the building. Thus, increasing your home’s energy bill for AC or Heating. A simple roof inspection can uncover those weak areas so that the coating can be reapplied to retain the roof’s energy-efficient properties.

Are you ready for Total Home Solutions of Florida to visit your Home or Office? We offer outstanding roof inspections and can set a roof maintenance plan if desired.  You can feel good knowing that a local Roofer is knowledge about your specific roofing situation and handling preventative maintenance for you and your family’s home. Call us today!

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Our highly trained project manager will come to your home and talk to you about your roofing project. They will take a look at the roofing that is already there, and develop a fair quote based on all of the factors affecting the job. This service is offered at no cost and no obligation: You can take the information we give you and consider whether hiring us. We are experienced in installing and replacing storm-damaged asphalt shingle roofs. Remember, our project managers are only interested in finding the best option for you.

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