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Evans Diaz, Google Review .

Everyone at Total Home Exteriors Services is very good and friendly. They are comfortable to be with and the service they perform is genuinely impressive. Michael guides his team for doing their best. The roof is now intact and looks sturdy. I definitely recommend their services.

Taylor Moore, Google Review .

We had some problems with our insurance company in clearing the insurance for our roof installation. Thanks to Michael and his easygoing services I was able to get the roof replaced in no time. I am always grateful to Total Home Exteriors Services.

Silas Deane, Google Review .

Roof replacement can literally mean cutting off your budget, but then Total Home Exteriors Services were there for immediate assistance. Michael charged no extra amount and he was very transparent with his work. All throughout, you could see his dedication. I am satisfied with the service. I recommend them.

Jacob Reyes, Google Review .

Total Home Exteriors Services work entirely for customer satisfaction and they are ever ready to provide good support to their customers. I called them at an odd hour, yet Michael readily agreed to the roof installation service. Surely a 10 on 10 for me!

Total Home Exteriors of Florida, Inc.

Offers a complete array of home improvement services.

Wе have experience dоing various types of exterior home renovation

Projects fоr many of our happy clients. Thе diffеrеnt types оf products and skills for our clients, it саn bе found by clicking here. If уоu wаnt mоrе information оn a givеn service, contact uѕ at 888-366-1514 with уоur questions.

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