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Florida Roofing ExpertsHail Roof Damage Repair Costs explained by Total Home Exteriors of Florida

Hail happens all over the country and Florida is no different. Hail can result in costly damage to your home’s roof. Most times the damage is isolated to hail damage to shingles or cracked tiles.  This hail damage can be repaired keeping the overall hail damage repair cost to a minimum. A local roofing general contractor is your best economic choice for fixing the hail damage on your roof.

Once again, Total Home Exteriors of Florida has years of experience dealing with various types of hail damage on roofs. We always seem to hear about our customers sharing conflicting opinions from other roofers. These roofers advise for immediate roof replacement of your roof. Unfortunately, not all roofers are licensed and sadly we find some run off with a homeowner’s deposit to start work without ever doing any roof work.  Further, some roofing salespeople promise that the insurance will pay for it all before even contacting the insurance company or inspecting the roof.  Generally, these unlicensed and money-hungry fly by night roofers just increase the hail damage repair cost as much as possible. They do this for their own greatest profitability and they are never working in the customer’s best interests. If your shingles are damaged, your hail damage repair contractor can let you know how many shingles will be required to fix the issue.

The team of honest and committed roofing contractors we employ at Total Home Exteriors of Florida, your hail roof damage experts, are drug-free and correctly trained to address the real need your roof damage has and not the most profitable one.

So, let’s look at some stuff you should know about hail damage if you want to be a potential roof repair customer of ours….

  • Are you able to spot what hail damage looks like?  Hail can vary in size dramatically, falling as small as the size of tiny pellets, or as big as
    baseballs. It is typically the larger hail that can cause enough damage to your roof enough for you to see the damage, such as cracked tiles or damaged shingles. Hail damage to shingles looks like a dark spot. After a recent hail storm, the hits to the shingle will usually look like a shiny appearance in the shingle’s surface. Yet, mild hail damage can appear as small indentations or small marks on the roof’s shingles.  Of course, it is important to mention that hail storm damage can lead to broken skylights, broken windows, and rain gutter damage.
  • How does hail damage your roof? A hail storm in Florida can become very nasty in a short period of time and during a hurricane, it can feel like it will last for hours. This is because the temperature in the upper atmosphere is much lower than what is closer to the ground. Which caused the water to freeze and sadly we see it can do many things such as accelerate granule loss and shingle aging. A shingle is made up of small granules on its surface as it ages the material becomes more brittle. Hail speeds up the aging process by knocking loose some of the granules causing the shingle to dry out quicker.
  • Coastal Florida Hail Damage Experience. In the Florida heat, the granule serves an important purpose to slow the aging process down as much as possible from the effects of the sun and hot temperatures in the summer months.  Did you know that severe hail damage can ruin wooden roof shingles and cause it to split? On asphalt shingles, hailstones can lead to granule loss. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard we try to find a way to do a repair it is just not possible. In these instances, the entire roof, or part of the roof, may need to be replaced, our courtesy Total Home Exteriors of Florida Roofing Professional will go over everything that needs to be done and why it is important to do.
  • Are the small hailstone damage my biggest concern? No. Significant damage doesn’t usually occur with small-sized hailstones. In order for significant damage to occur, the hailstone must be at least the size of a golf ball or bigger. Put another way, the hail must be about 1 inch or more in diameter.  We recommend taking pictures of the hail and your roof immediately following a hail storm.
  • Should you have your roof professionally inspected? Heck yeah, you should!  Some hail damage to shingles may not be visible. This will require you to feel your shingles for any indentations,but that could be very dangerous if you on home with a very high roof. It is a better idea to call us to come out to look at the roof. We can check for damage by breaking the bonds of the shingles and feeling the back for abnormalities. Our crew of licensed and insured roofing contractors will take pictures of your roof if requested.
  • What is a licensed roof inspector? These individuals work for roofing companies or independent of them too. They work to properly assess your roof damage.  They can communicate with your insurance company to determine how much the insurance company will be willing to cover. We strongly recommend using an inspector, if you need one. Total Home Exteriors of Florida can assist you with having your roofing system inspected by an experienced hail damage repair contractor. The inspection has to be performed from the top of your roof. It is also worth noting that many insurance providers do not cover the costs without a professional roof inspection.
  • Will your insurance cover the hail damage repair costs? Yes and No. The purpose of your homeowner’s insurance policy is to protect you against losses in the value of your home due to problems that are beyond your control. For instance, if you have experienced hail damage in which your investment of a 20-year roof has been reduced to a 10-year lifespan, your insurance agency may compensate you for your loss. But, if you don’t have enough insurance coverage it may only cover part of it. We recommend calling your insurance agent today to review your homeowner’s policy and understand how much would be covered if you would need to get your roof replaced.
  • When should you get your roof repaired or replaced? Each year in Brevard County, Florida, we have hail storms, tropical storms, tropical depressions, and hurricanes that cost millions of dollars in damages. If you have hail storm damage, you should repair your roof right away. Many insurance providers have a ‘statute of limitations’. This means that a hail-related claim is only viable for a certain amount of time. A repair contractor can fix your roofing system in a timely manner before it leads to serious problems, so it’s worth looking into.

Is Total Home Exteriors of Florida a storm chaser roofing company? NO NO NO!  We are located in Brevard County Florida and serve the residents of this area. As a homeowner need to beware of ‘storm chasers.’ We are A+ rated with BBB and recommended by people in your community. You will see us out at the beach, in the movie theater, eating dinner or lunch in town, or in a local park with our family. We pride ourselves in being connected to our community.  Storm chasers are
typically identified as an ‘out of town’ roofing contractor that goes door to door soliciting for business after a hail storm. The roofing industry is rife with these types of nefarious scams. While it may seem tempting and convenient, these roofers can do more harm than good. Because of this, it is advisable to seek our current rating on the local BBB website and feel good knowing that you are doing business with a trusted expert. The roofing contractor services we offer are tied directly to being a  reputable local licensed and insured roofing contractor for your hail damage repairs.

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