Are Metal Roofs better than other Roof Types for Florida?

Depending on where you live in Florida, a metal roof might be a good choice for you. We, Total Home Exteriors of Florida, recommend metal roofs to many of our clients because they last a long time, look good, and are resistant to a lot of the natural elements that affect homeowners in this area of the state of Florida.Florida Roofing Experts

Metal roofs are very sturdy and will last for many decades; you can expect that a metal roof installed by a reputable roofing company will last 50 years or more. In addition, they hold up great against wind and rain, and they are also fire-resistant.

Another benefit of metal roofs in Florida is that they reflect the sun’s heat. This means that the inside of your home will stay cooler than it would if you had an asphalt shingle or even a tile roof.

One caveat of having a metal roof is that if you live very close to the ocean, the saltwater can cause some corrosion. During your consultation, your roofing company should tell you whether this is a concern for your specific location.

Total Home Exteriors of Florida selects a highly trained roofing installer will talk to you about whether a metal roof is the best type of roofing for your property.

What Is the Cost of Metal Roofing in the Florida Area?

The cost of a metal roof in Florida is substantially higher than the cost of asphalt shingles. This type of roof will pay for itself, however, since it will usually last about three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. In addition, a metal roof can lower your homeowners’ insurance premiums and might also raise the value of your home, which will pay off when the time comes to put the house on the market. When you consider all of these factors, many homeowners find that a metal roof is well worth the investment.

The final price of your roof will depend on the size of your home or building, the pitch and elevation, and other factors. Total Home Exteriors of Florida offers a free consultation appointment so you can find out how much a metal roof will cost and make your decision with that information.

How Does Metal Roofing Compare to Shingle Roofing?

The most common type of roofing in Florida is asphalt shingle roofing. At Total Home Exteriors of Florida, we install both types. Here are some considerations to think about when you are trying to decide whether to go with a metal roof or a shingle roof:

  1. Metal roofs are more expensive to install. If you are on a tight budget, this is a consideration to keep in mind. Total Home Exteriors of Florida has financing options available, however, so you don’t necessarily have to discount having a metal roof installed based on your current bank balance.
  2. Metal roofs are more durable than shingle roofs. They are resistant to wind, rain, and fire. They also are not affected by mold, and insects will generally not nest in them.
  3. Metal roofs last longer than shingle roofs. A shingle roof will last about 20 years under the hot Florida sun, while a metal roof can last up to 60 years or even longer.
  4. A metal roof will keep your home cooler. Asphalt shingles absorb heat, but metal reflects heat. This can lead to lower air conditioning bills.
  5. You might have a lower insurance premium with a metal roof. Talk to your homeowners’ insurance company about how getting a metal roof will impact your premiums.
  6. Metal is more eco-friendly. The main difference is that metal is recyclable and shingles might not be, depending on the programs available where you live. In addition, metal will help keep your home cooler, which is an energy-efficient way to stay more comfortable in the summer.

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