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About us and Our roofing process

Setup An Appointment with Total Home Exteriors.

Give us a call or fill in our online form and we will reach out to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Project Manager to Inspect Damage

Your project manager will inspect and photograph the damage. Depending on your interests, you will discuss material and manufacturer options and the warranty and pricing involved with each of those.

If Insurance, your project manager will assist you in understanding your claim documents and submit an Xactimate estimate to the insurance company.

Contact Homeowners Insurance Company ( Paying cash? skip this step )

Total Home Exteriors of Florida's in-house team of professionals will if necessary, contact and work with your insurance company for the best possible coverage.

Preparation For The Job

Total Home Exteriors of Florida to obtain all the necessary permits, order materials. and inform the homeowner about the production date.

If Insurance, Total Home Exteriors will obtain insurance supplemental estimate approval before beginning the job.

Finishing Up

Day of production:

  • Total Home Exteriors of FL customers to have a clear driveway for dump trailer.
  • Crew to tear off previous roof materials and dry in roof up to mid-roof code.
  • Mid- roof inspection to be completed by the county.
  • Crew to return to job for completion.
  • Final inspection passed.

About Us: Who Are We?

Welcome to Total Home Exteriors, Your Top Local Roofing Partner dedicated to enhancing the structural integrity and curb appeal of homes across Florida.

As the number one choice in roofing solutions, our mission is to provide comprehensive services that go beyond mere repairs and installations.

At Total Home, we understand the pivotal role a robust roof plays in safeguarding your home or business. Our seasoned team of roofing professionals brings a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring that not only meet but exceed your expectations!

Whether you're looking for a complete roof replacement, routine maintenance, or specialized repairs, we have the skills and dedication to tailor our services to your unique needs.

About us : total home exteriors
About us : total home exteriors

Florida Family Business || The Founders

About Us : Founded and Established in 2002 by Michael and Jennifer Rimkus as a humble family-owned and operated business, our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to serving the diverse roofing needs of communities across Florida.

As a Florida-based enterprise, we take pride in being deeply embedded in the communities we serve. Michael and Jennifer envisioned a roofing company that not only delivered exceptional results but also prioritized the core values that define a close-knit family – trust, reliability, and a genuine concern for the well-being of our clients.

Total Home Exteriors of Florida has evolved from its modest beginnings to emerge as one of the most trustworthy roofing companies in the Sunshine State. Our growth is a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and a steadfast adherence to principles of quality, integrity, and transparency. These values are not mere slogans for us; they are the foundation upon which every roof we touch is built.

Navigating the dynamic and diverse landscape of roofing demands a level of expertise that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. At Total Home Exteriors of Florida, we boast extensive experience working with a wide array of roof types. Whether your property requires the sturdiness of a traditional shingle roof or the sophistication of a modern metal roof, our seasoned professionals possess the knowledge and skill to deliver tailored solutions that stand the test of time.

Our commitment to on-site satisfaction is unwavering, and it is guaranteed by our dedicated staff and project managers. We don't just oversee your roofing project; we immerse ourselves in every step of the process. This hands-on approach ensures that your expectations are not just met but exceeded, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a job done right.

Total Home Exteriors of Florida is not just a roofing company; we are active participants in your roofing journey. We take client satisfaction seriously, recognizing that our success is intricately tied to the happiness and security of our clients. Our involvement extends beyond the roofing process; it is a commitment to being a trustworthy partner throughout the life of your roof.

For us, being a family-owned business is not just a tagline – it's a philosophy that shapes every interaction and defines our approach to roofing. As we continue to grow and evolve, Total Home Exteriors of Florida remains rooted in the values that have made us a trusted name in roofing across the state.

Explore the Total Home Exteriors of Florida difference and discover why our clients entrust us with their roofing needs. Visit our online profiles to witness the testimonials of satisfied customers who have experienced the Total Home Exteriors of Florida commitment to excellence firsthand.

Join us on this roofing journey, where tradition meets innovation, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

We aim to exceed all of our customer's expectations so we treat your home the same way we would want ours to be treated - with thoughtfulness and respect!

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